The Three Secrets Behind Making Winning SEO Content

A few years ago,when people think of SEO content,they often imagine run-of-the-mill articles that don’t really add value or offer new insights to readers. But now a good content strategy is a key component to any SEO campaign,and certainly,SEO articles have come a long way in terms of quality.

But what makes a winning SEO content strategy,really? Hong Kong SEO firm Concinnity Limited says it boils down to three essential concepts:

1.) Well-researched keywords

Solid keyword research is the backbone of a good content strategy. It will be hard for you to create informative articles and improve your site’s ranking if you don’t know which keywords you should target. When you know what words or phrases people are searching for,then you can map out your topics for your content calendar.

2.) A topic that people care about

Sure,you can create and publish hundreds of articles online. But how many people do read them? There is nothing more powerful when it comes to creating content than writing about a topic that people care about. Remember,you are writing for actual human beings. So,think about how can your content add value to them. What information can you provide? Also,are they easily readable?

3.) Adequate length

Quality content usually are in-depth and comprehensive. This means they tend to be long enough to cover the topic but short enough to keep readers’ attention. Some would argue that search engines favour articles that are at least 2,000 words. You don’t have to strictly follow that rule though and focus on creating value-adding content rather than fret about how many words you should be writing.

Remember to write good content for the right audience. From there you can expand your audience base and beef up your brand’s online presence.

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